Tuesday, 28 August 2012

WeLcOME 2 Every one

With a GLAd ,
A heartly welcome to all of my readers, my friends, my part of life,and also the part of this novel.
A heartly welcome to my Publish company _______________.for publishing my novel.

REcently there were so many enginneer can be founfd in India As like i M also from out of this source/destination.
this a starting and end of a life which cannot be say like a Hardest part of life or opposite to it.

i would like all of your votes t0 - comes to you by publish my all three part of the book/novel.

3. A  Huge plan to get success in life .
4. Friendly nature n helpful.
n blah blah
what ll happen if all the parts of the life you will apply in ur engg. life and ur response comes out wrong.
just imagine !!!!!
so never be beleive on someone or have to beleive in critical situations that must be dependend on you.

  so i just need you response by mail,by comments or by follow me on FB thank you guys .
after ur vote i ll start this chapter soon.
kya karu engg. hu free baitha hu yaaro
( what i can do m just free now a days  any how m engg. guyzz).

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mail me yr feedback to

this blog address
ROmaNTIc & mYsTeRiOus eNggINEER.
Thank you all !!!

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